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Ortho Surgeon
Aug 05, 2022
In About Blender
Z-Anatomy Team, I am getting much better at manipulating and working with the Z-Anatomy program in Blender. I've started exploring animations with the files, however, when I go to rotate the knee in order to make it look like it's bending, it distorts the anatomy because of attached tissues spanning the knee joint. Is there a tutorial or guide to illustrate how to move and position limbs in Blender using the Z-Anatomy human model? Thank you for your time and assistance. -NS
Ortho Surgeon
Jul 01, 2022
In About the anatomical content
Hello team, I am an orthopaedic surgeon and have never used Blender before finding this application. The Z-Anatomy program is amazing and I’m trying to learn Blender now. In the latest portable version on Mac and Windows, when I hit the “n” key, no new window with features opens up in the viewport. I see the small arrow move partially across the viewport when I hit the ‘n’ key, but nothing opens in a new window. Am I doing something wrong or is that a program issue? Also, how do I use the cross section feature to cut some tissues but not all tissues? For example, if I wanted to keep the bones full and whole but perform a cross section on just the muscle, capsule, and labrum around a joint how would I do that? Thank you very much for your time and assistance. Please let me know if I can be of any other service to the project. -NS

Ortho Surgeon

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